18 November

“The best means to improve education is for teachers to listen more to students and parents” – Times leader

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Actually the headline ran:  “The best means of reforming the NHS in the wake of the Francis Report into Mid Staffs is for doctors and nurses to listen to vigilant parents”.  The report contained quite appalling stories of neglect and highlights what can happen when the voices of staff and patients are not heard and […]

15 November

Student media teams and other new ideas

We have been spending a lot of time considering what else schools might benefit from in relation to empowering students. As a result we have decided to develop a number of new areas, working with partners: linking what students do in Learn to lead to gaining a social enterprise qualification (working with Real Ideas Organisation), […]

8 November

Learn to lead – rebrand and new website

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          At last … our rebranding and new website and materials. Please have a look, don’t miss the short films and animation, and let us know what you think, what could be improved and what is missing. Because although the first stage is over, the journey is only beginning. The journey […]