Student media teams and other new ideas

Posted on Nov 15, 2013 in Learn to lead, Primary schools, Secondary schools

We have been spending a lot of time considering what else schools might benefit from in relation to empowering students. As a result we have decided to develop a number of new areas, working with partners: linking what students do in Learn to lead to gaining a social enterprise qualification (working with Real Ideas Organisation), helping students assess their own progress and development through an ‘outcome star’ (working with Triangle), and supporting students in setting up their own media and marketing teams (working with Rachel Bunce).

The last one particularly excites us – shouldn’t every school have a media/marketing team who can promote not only their Learn to lead activities but also their school more generally? Of course this will need to be carefully facilitated and monitored, but we have absolutely no doubt about the capabilities of students (in primary as well as secondary schools). And their creativity and enthusiasm will be more powerful than any official documents and press releases.

If you want to take part or have other thoughts for ways in which your community can be empowered, please contact us.