With fifteen years’ experience behind us, we take engagement to a new level, so that from the very young upwards, people have responsibility and ownership and can run things for themselves. Our expertise is in providing structures, working in co-production with tools, training and inspiration to enable people to work together in teams to bring about the positive changes they wish for. The outcomes are transformational, individuals growing in confidence, self-esteem and ownership, and the whole culture of an organisation changing to one where everyone is ‘doing’ rather than feeling 'done to’.

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Training and Resources

Development & Evaluation Tools Development & Evaluation Tools

Helping you identify key aspects of successful implementation, and students assess their development

Review and Renew Workshop Review and Renew Workshop

Designed for link staff to review their progress with others, swap ideas and plan for the future.

Introductory Training Package Introductory Training Package

Organisations new to Learn to lead receive a comprehensive package of support, training and resources.

Resources Resources

A comprehensive ‘how-to-do-it’ manual and a range of other vital resources

Gold Award Gold Award

Schools involved for over 2 years can work towards the Gold Award – an important quality mark.

Ongoing Support and Training Ongoing Support and Training

A range of training is available, externally, in-house or with clusters of schools in a chain or local area

Latest news and articles

18 November

Radstock and Westfield Big Local Youth Strategy

Posted in Learn to lead

We have had our first session with Radstock and Westfield Big Local which was a great success. We are working with an amazing group of young people to plan how to improve the local community for young people in the area. A brilliant session with some fantastic ideas so far. We are really looking forward […]

15 November

What are the Carers Centre and Learn to lead cooking up?

Posted in Learn to lead

Sessions are ongoing with BANES Carers Centre to plan how to give carers more influence over the services which affect them and the people they care for. The photo below see the famous sticky wall in the last session held together and watch this space for news about the big ideas they have cooking up […]

14 November

Return to the birthplace of Learn to lead

Posted in Learn to lead

In October we returned the birthplace of Learn to lead, the Blue School, Wells. We met the amazing school council community to find out the latest on Learn to lead in the school and run co-production training for the new students. Within the school there are a really wide range of active teams, working on […]

18 October

England has one of worst class divides for citizenship

Posted in Learn to lead

This is a really interesting article from Catherine Lough at Tes. Learn to lead aims to empower all students by working in co-production and collaboration with all students not just a few as often happens with School Councils and is a worry that so many are disengaged from politics https://www.tes.com/news/england-has-one-worst-class-divides-citizenship

24 June

Young Carers Lead on Fundraising

Posted in Learn to lead

We had a great session at BANES Carers Centre this month with the young carers working on ideas to keep improving the group & exploring the best ways the young carers can take the lead on fundraising for their activities.

What people say

Read what people say about our approach and our work

  • Secondary School Student

    “I used to think about school – get it over and done with. I didn’t think much of it. Now I am going out of my way to help the school rather than just turn up.”

    - Secondary School Student
  • Secondary School Student

    “Learn to Lead has given the school a real buzz. The fact that students can see something they want to change and make it happen is amazing.”  

    - Secondary School Student
  • Secondary School Teacher

    “The more centrally I put the ethos and tools of LtoL into my teaching practice, the more my students take ownership of their learning. How else can we achieve more grade As to Cs?”


    - Secondary School Teacher
  • Secondary Principal

    “I’m proud of our Gold Arts Award and of course our Ofsted Outstanding category, but I’m most proud of our achievements through Learn to Lead”  

    - Secondary Principal
  • Manager, Camphill Village Trust

    “Through Learn to Lead we encourage every person to have a greater voice and involvement in the life and development of their communities, so that they really are THEIR communities.”  

    - Manager, Camphill Village Trust
  • Primary Headteacher

    “There is an unspoken trust and expectation given to the children which encourages ever more responsibility and develops a sense of pride and ownership in all that is done. The children grow in stature and confidence about who they are and what they can do.”

    - Primary Headteacher
  • Primary Headteacher

    “It gives children a real chance to take on projects, to lead, and to learn those life skills like independence, working with others, having ideas, and seeing problems to a solution.  And all for the general good of the school.”

    - Primary Headteacher
  • Liz Shuttleworth

    “Learn to Lead has transformed the school in a way that I never thought possible. It has been an absolute privilege to witness such incredible transformations in students as individuals that will serve them for the rest of their lives.”  

    - Liz Shuttleworth
  • Sir Tim Brighouse

    “I haven’t stopped talking about Learning to Lead since my visit. They really do seem to have taken student involvement and voice to a new level.”

    - Sir Tim Brighouse
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