Learn to lead – rebrand and new website

Posted on Nov 8, 2013 in Learn to lead

Learn to leadBrand2






At last … our rebranding and new website and materials. Please have a look, don’t miss the short films and animation, and let us know what you think, what could be improved and what is missing. Because although the first stage is over, the journey is only beginning.

The journey so far has at times been difficult, frustrating and uncomfortable … that’s budget travel for you! But we feel the destination makes it all worthwhile, and along the way we have learned a great deal and met some wonderful, talented people – many of whom have gone far beyond our budget and their remit. And, most exciting, we know we have met new friends who will continue to travel with us.

Special mentions to the wonderful Rachel Bunce for her terrific short films (one general one, one on our work in secondary schools, and one on our work in primary schools), George Sander-Jackson and colleagues for the incredible animation highlighting the Learn to lead process from the point of view of student, Wire for the rebrand and design, and Harry at Opendium for agreeing to host us at the last minute. Thank you!