We respect that whatever our age, stage or situation, everyone’s contribution is of value.  We involve everyone.  We empower people to create through collaboration with one another.
The Learning to Lead Journey
  • Survey.  First we support people to make their own survey to involve everyone in reviewing how things are at present.  It also acts as an awakener to engage everyone in the process of positive change, and to consider what projects people want to create in the future.
  • Self-Election.  Anyone can choose to be involved in a project and as a result teams are often made up of people who might not otherwise find themselves working together. The approach emphasises that everyone’s contribution is of value and opens doors to new relationships, the discovery of unknown talents, and the development of the confidence that comes from having the support and encouragement to explore something new.
  • Project Teams.  Project Teams are focused on what  team members  want, need or care for in their environment.
  • Action.  Project teams take responsibility to decide on the actions required to fulfil their aims. We have created highly effective tools for establishing team goals, consensus and commitment.
  • Review and Renew sessions.  The year of activity always ends with an opportunity to review what has gone well, not so well and to renew team plans for the future.