The Whole school training package – 2 days training, 2 years of activity

The Learn to lead in School training is a highly inclusive model which will equip teams of students to run their own projects and also maximise reach and opportunity for as many students as possible.

The training will share to the whole school so tools can be used consistently and in different ways, from feedback from a class about their lesson, to social action teams developing around issues students are passionate about or wish to change.

Students will gain the benefits in confidence, resilience and ‘soft skills’ and those who are Students who are vulnerable or in any way disadvantaged will be particularly supported by the training given to SEN staff, an ideal use of pupil premium

It will succeed and be sustained because it spreads the understanding more widely from the start and encourages many more staff and students to develop the project in co-production with one another.

The package covers two years of activity to ensure the benefits of the initial training and investment are realised for the whole school and includes:

• Introductory presentation to all school staff / governors at a twilight staff meeting

• Training for pastoral staff, deputy head responsible for student participation and SEN staff

• Learn to lead resource pack, including sticky wall and hexies

• Targeting 20 most difficult to reach (SEN/Pupil Premium) to support students to run their own projects

• Outcomes Star training (extra, optional) and use of this tool for students to track their growth in confidence and      skills while having ownership of their personal journey of change

• Learn to lead “THIS IS OUR SCHOOL’ survey to adapt for their schools

• “THIS IS OUR SCHOOL” planning session resource, designed so every student has a chance to look at the results of  the survey in an extended tutor group session to come up with ideas for project teams to improve their experience of  ‘School.’

• Year 1: further day’s support for each school to ensure approach is embedded and added value is being maximised

• Year 2: 1 day in school support and Review & Renew session, bringing together student and staff members of the  school to share progress to ensure added value is maximised and data (anecdotal and quantitative) is gathered to  evidence improvements

Cost and Further information
The package cost will depend on the needs and requirements of the individual school.

To discuss the possibility of training your school or a cluster of schools in your area please do contact us or view our website for further information.