Learning to lead across the Whole Education network

Posted on Dec 11, 2016 in Learn to lead

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Students from fifteen schools across the Whole Education network have begun integrating Learn to lead into their schools, as part of Cabinet Office and Pears Foundation’s ‘National Youth Social Action Fund’. Five students and two members of staff from schools spanning across the country, from Whitstable in Kent to Whitby in North Yorkshire, have been taking part in the project since summer term 2016.

Over the last few weeks, we have been excited to train teachers and students from across the schools to be able to deliver Learn to lead training and spread the ethos throughout their year groups and schools. They led activities on holarchy, the Russian dolls game and the ASMILEY checklist – to name but a few, and demonstrated a brilliant ability to inspire and lead other students in their schools.

Following the ‘This our school’ survey, assembly and tutor session, these students will get to try their hand at training the new teams that are starting up. Current ideas range from a student pastoral support team to a new sports club!

We have teamed up with professional evaluators LKMCo to look at how to measure success. Teachers and students from all of the schools have participated in a survey (which they’ll repeat at the end of the year) to determine to what extent there are opportunities for youth social action, including projects to improve the community – and how many students feel confident to get involved and take a lead. We’ll also be speaking to teachers and students in interviews and focus groups to discuss the impact so far in their contexts. We’re looking forward to sharing the impact later in the year… watch this space!

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