Chew Valley School Continue to Extend their Community Activities

Posted on May 22, 2018 in Learn to lead

Chew Valley School, one of the longest running Learn to lead communities, has been making plans for the future life of their student community supported by their dedicated link teacher Liz Shuttleworth.

Annie, one of Learn to lead’s directors who studied at Chew Valley and was closely involved in the Learn to lead community there, has been leading this work to raise awareness around the new opportunities students can access through Change and Create, the Learn to lead community at Chew, and creating team project plans.

In May, Mimi, another of our directors, visited with associates from PwC to offer expert advice on refining team project plans and developing ideas. Students gave presentations to the PwC ‘friendly dragons’ and worked with them too.

Liz Shuttleworth, Mimi and colleagues from PwC ready to hear student presentation.