Equalities Work in Bath & North East Somerset

Posted on Jun 18, 2015 in Community, Learn to lead, Secondary schools
Equalities Summit 2015

Equalities Summit 2015

Over the past two years some very exciting Equalities work has been taking place in B&NES, with over 30 grants being awarded to develop the work of E-teams (Equalities Teams), in which children and young people work together with staff in schools and other settings to campaign against discrimination and to promote inclusion.

The impact of this work has been profound, with young people reporting a reduction in bullying and a greater sense of inclusion and belonging, regardless of background.

On 17th April, the B&NES Young People’s Equalities Group planned and delivered an Equalities Summit, attended by over 160 children, young people and staff to celebrate the achievements of existing E-teams in B&NES, to offer others the opportunity to set up their own E-teams and to exchange ideas about potential Equalities campaigns which link to the Equality Act 2010 and to OFSTED guidance.

Keynote speeches and workshops were delivered by primary and secondary pupils and we were especially pleased to see pupils from a variety of backgrounds (including Pupil Premium pupils) representing their schools and settings at the prestigious new Commons Building at Bath Spa University.

If your school is interested in setting up an E team, we have a guidance booklet written by young people about how to do this and also a progress report showcasing the work going on in our schools. Contact Us for further information.