4 February

Student voice – We Need to Talk about Education

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What good is school? Let’s hear it from the kids… How better to highlight educational inequality in England than by talking to the pupils themselves? This was the headline and opening sentence of an article in Sunday’s Observer. Politicians, academics, commentators: everyone has a voice in education except the students themselves. Yet their aspirations are […]

31 January

Funding for Learn to lead students

UnLtd provide support for social entrepreneurs, and have two award schemes that might be relevant for Learn to lead projects: Spark Awards These awards of up to £500 are about social entrepreneurs coming together to support each other in doing amazing things. As a Learn to lead project perhaps you could link up with other […]

10 January

New media team training for students and staff

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January 28th – Wells, Somerset Learn how to set up a media team in order to publicise your work … and gain new skills and understanding in video-making, websites, social media and planning a media campaign. This is a very practical day for students, teachers are also welcome. Leading the day we are delighted to have […]

4 January

Cornwall Healthy Schools Team Trained in Learn to lead

The Healthy Schools team Cornwall have attended Learn to lead training and are now all learn to lead facilitators. When running training events, they have used the Learn to lead tools to support the process and are working with schools to develop and support pupil voice.  “We think Learn to lead can be a terrific […]

2 December

Classroom Practice – When student voice is worth shouting about

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A great title, but this article in the TES last week opened with a provocative and downright disrespectful statement! “Undoubtedly, 14-year-olds can sometimes be insightful. But more often they are likely to be banal, arbitrary and shallow – and ill-equipped to evaluate pedagogic expertise.”   Claire Fox, director and founder of the British think-tank the Institute […]

29 November

More support beyond the first year….

Schools already doing Learn to lead can now access a wide range of courses and services to enrich and build on what they are already doing. This includes ‘Enriching the curriculum’, Media Team training for students, and opportunities for students to attend Review and Renew Days. Click here for the full programme of events To […]

26 November

There’s nothing like positive feedback …

It was great to receive this lovely note recently: “Thank you so much for an inspiring and uplifting two days last week. It helps remind us what is important about teaching – the pupils and assisting them to take on active roles in their adult lives. The tools you have devised are very powerful: I […]

22 November

Youth Social Action – ‘Agency’ and Empowerment

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“Through social action young people can see for themselves the powerful difference they can make to their own lives, and the people around them in their wider community”, said Mr Clegg yesterday. Mr Miliband added that “we have the chance to unlock so much potential in this country.” For any of us to realise our […]

21 November

Youth Social Action – Step Up to Serve

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There was much reporting yesterday about the new youth social action campaign led by Prince Charles, ‘Step Up To Serve’ – it aims to increase those aged 10-20 involved in social projects from 29% to 50% by 2020. The main idea seems to be to “help youth organisations across the country increase opportunities to help […]

18 November

“The best means to improve education is for teachers to listen more to students and parents” – Times leader

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Actually the headline ran:  “The best means of reforming the NHS in the wake of the Francis Report into Mid Staffs is for doctors and nurses to listen to vigilant parents”.  The report contained quite appalling stories of neglect and highlights what can happen when the voices of staff and patients are not heard and […]